Seven Days Media Kit | Seven Daysies Awards
Seven Days Media Kit | Seven Daysies Awards
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Seven Daysies Awards

Our annual readers’ choice awards celebrate the best in Vermont.
Ask your clients, customers and friends to support your local business with a nomination.

Seven Daysies Locals Pick

How does it work?

  1. In round #1, we ask our readers to nominate their favorite businesses, people and places in Vermont.
  2. The nominees with the most write-ins advance to the second round.
  3. In round #2 our readers return to the ballot and vote for their favorites.
  4. The finalist with the most votes in each category wins!
  5. Winners are announced in the All the Best magazine in early August and invited to the awards party that week.

Get Involved!

Support the Daysies with a campaign in Seven Days or an advertisement in the annual All the Best magazine.

Promotion Options

Multimedia campaign packages

Ask our readers — and your customers — for nominations and votes by reserving a print campaign in Seven Days newspaper and/or a digital campaign on

Ballot banners

Purchase a digital banner placed directly on the ballot that reminds voters about your business while they are nominating and voting.

2022 Timeline

  • May 6 — Deadline to advertise for round #1
  • May 16-29 — Round #1 nominations
  • June 7 — Finalists for round #2 announced
  • June 10 — Deadline to advertise for round #2
  • June 20-July 3 — Round #2 voting
  • July 13 — Deadline to advertise in All the Best magazine
  • August 3 — Winners announced in All the Best
  • August 5 — Seven Daysies Awards Party at the ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain

Did you know?

More than 20,000 readers cast 530,031 votes in the 2019 promotion. Vermonters sure do love supporting local businesses!

'All the Best' Results Magazine

50,000 copies of the “the locals’ guide to Vermont” are inserted into Seven Days and distributed throughout the year at locations around the state.

It’s time to start your campaign!

Contact a sales rep to learn about all the options.

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