Seven Days Media Kit | Our Audience
Seven Days Media Kit | Our Audience
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Our Audience

Seven Days readers are active and educated individuals, most of whom live within an hour and a half of Burlington. They love to eat, attend cultural events and shop. Nearly two-thirds are female. They’re loyal, and they buy local. It doesn’t get better than that.


Weekly Print Readership

Based on 3.0 readers per copy. Audited by the Circulation Verification Council.

Weekly Digital Readership

Based on a 12-month average of unique web visitors as of May 1, 2022.

Email Subscribers

Includes all Seven Days newsletters, Kids VT “Wee-Mail” and Vermont Tech Jam News

Who They Are

Age & Gender

The average reader is 35 years old. More than 52% of Seven Days readers are between the ages of 18 and 34* and 51% are women**.

  • 18 to 34

  • 35 to 54

  • 55 plus

* Source: Pulse Research, February 2012.
** Sources: Average of Pulse Research, Google Analytics and reports, 2012-2017.


More than 90% of our readers have been to college. Nearly one-third have done some postgraduate work.

  • Only high school

  • College

  • Graduate degree

Source: Pulse Research, February 2012.

Household Income

59% of our readers have a combined household income of more than $50,000 a year. 29% make more than $100k.

  • Less than 50k

  • 50 to 100k

  • 100k plus

The 2014 median income in Vermont was $54,166.
Source:, April 2017.

Where they read

Seven Days’ print circulation is monitored through independent field surveys performed annually by the Circulation Verification Council.

  1. Burlington & South Burlington: 31,150
  2. Suburban Chittenden County: 29,000 (excluding Burlington & So. Burlington)
  3. Washington County: 14,775 (Waterbury, Waitsfield, Warren, Plainfield, Montpelier, Barre, Northfield)
  4. Addison County: 5,925 (Middlebury, Bristol, Vergennes, Ferrisburgh, New Haven, Monkton)
  5. Franklin & Grand Isle Counties: 3,390 (St. Albans, Fairfax, South Hero, North Hero, Grand Isle, Alburgh)
  6. Lamoille County: 4,785 (Jeffersonville, Cambridge, Stowe, Hyde Park, Morrisville, Johnson)
  7. Rutland County: 3,375 (Rutland, Killington)
  8. Orleans County: 2,295 (Newport, Jay)
  9. Caledonia County: 4,785 (Hardwick, Walden, Danville, St. Johnsbury, Lyndonville, Burke)
  10. Windsor County: 1,860 (White River Junction, Quechee, Woodstock)
  11. Orange County: 960 (Randolph & Williamstown)
  12. Clinton County, NY: 2700 (Plattsburgh area & Champlain not shown)

Figures based on 3 readers per copy according to the most recent circulation audit.

How They Read

90% of Seven Days readers hold on to the paper for more than a day.0%

90% made a purchase or attended an event after seeing an ad.0%

61% visit our website more than once a week.0%

What They Do

80% exercise either outdoors or in a gym at least twice a week.0%

60% will drive an hour or so for art and entertainment.0%

77% dine at local restaurants several times a week.0%

Source: Pulse research, February 2012.

Digital Readers

Hundreds of thousands of readers access each month. The analytics below do not include additional traffic to other web properties including Kids VTVermont Tech Jam, Vermont Restaurant Week, and Seven Days Tickets. Please contact us for the most up-to-date numbers.


Monthly Unique Visitors


Monthly Visits


Monthly Page Views

The analytics above are a 12-month average, last reported on May 1, 2022.

Social Media Followers

New social media fans and followers of Seven Days‘ content channels are added daily. Find out how you can reach our audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and through our email newsletters.


Facebook fans


Twitter followers


Instagram followers

The analytics above were reported on May 1, 2022.

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