Seven Days Media Kit | Digital Channels
Seven Days Media Kit | Digital Channels
Advertise your business or event with Vermont's leading newspaper and website covering news, politics, food, arts, music and culture.
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Digital Channels

Drive traffic to your website by advertising in our digital channels. From newsletter ads to web section sponsorships, we offer innovative ways to deliver your message.

Cross-Platform Banner Ads

Be seen on all screens! Have your brand and message seen through all our digital channels with both desktop and mobile banner ads on and drive more views to your site. You choose the campaign duration, number of impressions and creative locations.

impressions 25K 50K 100K
premium $460 $905 $1,780
run of site* $380 $745 $1,460

* Includes Seven Days, Classifieds, Personals websites

All rates are net. Custom quotes available upon request. Premium section placements and geo-targeting available on a first-come, first-served basis at 15% over the advertising cost.

  • Medium rectangle: 600 x 500 px (will display at 50% size)
  • Acceptable formats: .jpg, .png, .gif and .swf (with clickTag and static backup)
  • Animated banners cannot exceed 1MB in file size.

Section Takeovers

Designing a takeover campaign?

Create an immediate impact with a homepage or section takeover. Your brand surrounds each page with immersive pencil-banner and wallpaper units. On smartphones, the campaign includes 10k impressions/week in the sticky footer banner position. Section choice subject to availability. Custom quotes available for longer durations and for full-site takeovers.

home section
1 week $1,499 $999
Available sections:
  • Home
  • News + Opinion
  • Food + Drink
  • Home + Design
  • Arts + Life
  • Events
  • Music
  • Movies

* Contact us to create a custom section.

  • Wallpaper unit: 1,580 x 1,280 px (visible on desktop only)
  • Pencil unit: 1960 x 120 px (will display at 50% size on tablets and desktop)
  • Phone unit: 640 x 200 px (will display at 50% size on phones in the sticky footer position)
  • Acceptable formats: .jpg, .png, .gif

Phone Banners

Target the Seven Days audience where they live — on their phones! More than 50% of all digital traffic originates on a smartphone. Drive tap-to-call phone leads, app downloads and mobile purchasing — and show off your own mobile-optimized site.

  • Creatives are 100% viewable on the screen.
  • Size: 640 x 200 px (will display at 50% size)
  • Formats: .jpg, .png, .gif
impressions 25K 50K 100K
$350 $650 $1250
 Base price Save $50 Save $150

In-App Advertising

Since 2012, Seven Days readers have been flipping through our pages on their mobile devices using our newsstand app. Link a URL to your print ad to make it tappable in the app, sponsor a section with a banner ad at the bottom of each page or purchase a page 2 multimedia interstitial ad that can be customized to tell your story.

App Section Sponsorship

  • Creatives are 100% viewable on the screen.
  • Size: 1,536 x 252 px (will display at 50% size)
  • Formats: .jpg, .png, .gif
4 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks
$100/week $85/week $60/week
Save $120 Save $480

Tappable Print Ads

Link your weekly print ad to your website, YouTube channel or Facebook page for only $25/week.

Digital Business Listing

Enhance your business identity in our web database of popular Vermont locations. When readers discover your business connected to an article, blog post or event, they’ll see images you’ve chosen and your customized description alongside our write-up and reader reviews.

What’s included:
  • Five photos or videos in your business’ gallery
  • Your own custom description (100 words or less)
  • Placement at the top of all relevant location searches
Included for restaurants and bars:
  • Menu links and/or downloads
  • Placement in the Bite Club e-newsletter
  • Placement in the Food + Drink website navigation
  • Placement on the Food + Drink landing page
Included for home improvement and real estate businesses:
  • Placement in the Home + Design website navigation
  • Placement on the Home + Design landing page

Is your business listed in our online directory?

We’ll be happy to update your contact info and add the above enhanced features for only $199/year.

Email Advertising

Target specific Seven Days audiences with e-newsletter advertising. We can deliver your message to the people you want to reach, from active event-goers to hungry restaurant seekers to news-minded politicos. More than 30,000 subscribers choose to receive our e-newsletters.

newsletter content schedule
Daily 7 Local headlines Weekdays
Tech Jam News Tech news and job listings Mondays
Nest Notes Home, design, real estate Alternate Fridays
Bite Club Restaurants and food news Tuesdays
Notes on the Weekend Weekend events Thursdays
Re:View Visual art Fridays
creative size rate/insertion
Header banner 600 x 40px $250
+ Inline Ad + $150
+ Medium Rectangle + $100
Inline Advertorial 300 x 250px + 50 words $250
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250px $150
50% off

additional insertions in any other e-newsletter during the same week

5% off

any insertion when you run the same campaign in print at any size

Need a professional web video to tell your business’ story? We can help.

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