Seven Days Media Kit | Our Events
Seven Days Media Kit | Our Events
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Our Events

Our events are designed to engage Seven Days readers and help activate interest in local businesses through fun and interactive promotions. Ask your account executive about associating your brand with one of these popular events.

Vermont Restaurant Week

Annual; late April through early May

During this 10-day-long culinary extravaganza, Vermont restaurants offer special prix-fixe menus showcasing their chefs’ greatest dishes. With more than 100 participating restaurants, it’s the state’s largest food and drink event.

Vermont Tech Jam

Annual; late October

The Vermont Tech Jam is an annual career fair/tech expo showcasing the state’s most innovative tech, bioscience and manufacturing companies. Seven Days organizes this two-day event with help from the Vermont Technology Alliance and BTV Ignite. Hundreds of college students, teens, teachers, community leaders and tech professionals attend.

Burger Week


During this sizzling promotion, area restaurants serve up burger specials that diners flip for. Think breakfast burgers, triple-deckers, veggie burgers and of course, good old fashioned beef patties. Epic prizes are dished out to those who beef up their social media game. And remember — calories don’t count during Burger Week!

Seven Daysies Party

Annual; early August

Our annual client appreciation event and awards party, hosted at ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, draws approximately 1,000 attendees. Vermont restaurants vie for the chance to showcase their foods. A photo area and live music make this an affair to look forward to year after year.

House Parties

March, May, August, October

These free home-buying seminars at local venues allow attendees to find out everything they need to know before buying a home — from loan preapproval to closing. Speakers give presentations and answer questions.

Singles Parties

Schedule varies

Throughout the year, Seven Days Singles Parties offer a great opportunity for singles to mingle! Themes and locations are varied — past parties have included bowling, cooking classes, speed dating and much more.