Seven Days Media Kit | Advertising Policy
Seven Days Media Kit | Advertising Policy
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Advertising Policy

Seven Days is a forum for free speech and a reflection of the diversity of desires and beliefs in our community.

We do not accept advertisements that promote hate, violence or illegal products. In ads that are published, we refrain from dictating or censoring the messaging, as long as it doesn’t include discriminatory language, make fraudulent claims or spread misinformation.

Seven Days targets an 18-plus audience; the average age of our readers is 41 — old enough to make informed decisions about consuming regulated products such as tobacco, cannabis, beer, wine and spirits.

Our parenting magazine, Kids VT, does not accept advertisements that encourage consumption of tobacco, cannabis, beer, wine and spirits.

We reserve the right to refuse any advertising, including inserts, at the discretion of the publishers.

For further clarification, contact us at