Seven Days Media Kit | Native Campaigns
Seven Days Media Kit | Native Campaigns
Advertise your business or event with Vermont's leading newspaper and website covering news, politics, food, arts, music and culture.
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Native Campaigns

Spread your branded message through our trusted content channels.
No matter the media, Seven Days can help — we make quality content every day!

Native Articles

Seven Days knows how to tell a good story. Let the 7D Brand Studio tell yours with a native advertising campaign on

  1. Our Brand Studio team will interview stakeholders, craft the message and design compelling imagery.
  2. Then, we’ll publish your story in the same stream as our regular articles — clearly labeled as a “paid post,” of course 🙂 .
  3. We’ll handle the social media pushes, report the analytics and, above all, deliver our loyal audience.



To be successful, native articles must be timely, engaging and useful to our readers. Before diving in, we ask prospective clients to fill out a short questionnaire about their campaign goals and content ideas. If your campaign feels like a good fit, we’ll propose some angles for the article and ask for your help identifying potential sources.


Native articles typically take 30 days to plan and execute. Once it’s published, your piece will be marketed in several channels for four weeks. At the campaign’s conclusion, we’ll deliver a wrap-up report to show the success of our marketing efforts.


All native article campaigns are quoted individually with a minimum investment of $4,999.

Want to see our work?

A few examples:

Portraits of Recovery: Helping Vermonters Survive Substance Use Disorder

Objective: Paint a picture of hope for ending the opioid crisis. Inspire the community to make a difference.

Beware of Imposter LED Bulbs! Look for the ENERGY STAR®

Objective: Encourage Vermonters to look for the ENERGY STAR® logo when shopping for LED bulbs.

Ready to tell your story? Contact a sales rep to schedule your campaign.

More Native Campaign Options

Web Video

Bring your company’s story to life with a shareable web video produced by the award-winning team at Seven Days.

Newsletter Messages

When a display ad doesn’t say enough, publish your detailed message in our newsletters with an “inline” advertorial.

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