Seven Days Media Kit | Niche Publications
Seven Days Media Kit | Niche Publications
Advertise your business or event with Vermont's leading newspaper and website covering news, politics, food, arts, music and culture.
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Niche Publications

In addition to our flagship newspaper, Seven Days publishes additional niche publications and supplements throughout the year. Advertising in these titles helps target your message to a specific audience.



Nest Cover Fall 2022

Nest is a quarterly publication filled with articles on home design, DIY decorating and Vermont real estate tips. Distributed each season in Seven Days, it’s the ideal way to reach first-time homebuyers and others interested in real estate, interior design, gardening and home improvement.

Advertise your home and garden services to area homeowners.

2024 Publishing Schedule
  • Winter (January 17)
    Ad reservation deadline: Friday, January 5
  • Spring (April 17)
    Ad reservation deadline: Friday, April 5
  • Summer Issue (July 3) – new date
    Space reservation deadline: June 21 – new date
  • Fall (October 2)
    Ad reservation deadline: Friday, September 20

Rates & Sizes
size width x height 1x 4x
Full Page 9.625″ x 11.25″ $1560 $1410
1/2 Vertical 4.75″ x 11.25″ $850 $765
1/2 Horizontal 9.625″ x 5.56″ $850 $765
1/3 Vertical 4.75″ x 7.46″ $600 $545
1/4 Tile 4.75″ x 5.56″ $450 $410
1/6 Horizontal 4.75″ x 3.67″ $310 $280
1/8 Vertical 2.3″ x 5.56″ $245 $225
1/8 Horizontal 4.75″ x 2.72″ $245 $225

Pricing includes full color. To qualify for the 4x volume discount, all ads must be published in a one-year period.

Kids VT

Kids VT 2022 Camp Issue

Kids VT is Vermont’s only parenting magazine, a reliable resource for family-friendly events, activities, camps and classes since 1994. Each issue contains tips on health, fitness, food, shopping, books, crafts and more. This free quarterly supplement distributed inside Seven Days regularly wins best-in-class awards from the national Parenting Media Association.

Reach parents and caregivers looking for local resources and family fun.

2024 Publishing Schedule
  • Camps & Schools Guide (February 7)
    Ad reservation deadline: January 26
  • Spring Issue (March 13)
    Ad reservation deadline: March 1
  • Summer Issue (June 5)
    Ad reservation deadline: May 24
  • Fall Issue (August 21)
    Ad reservation deadline: August 9
  • Winter Issue (November 13)
    Ad reservation deadline: November 1


All the Best: Seven Daysies

Cover of Seven Daysies All the Best magazine

The highly anticipated results of the annual Seven Daysies readers’ choice contest are revealed at last in All the Best magazine. It’s published as a stand-alone magazine (stapled newsprint with a glossy cover) and distributed in Seven Days with an overrun of 14,000 copies — total circulation: 50k.

Position your brand beside the best of Vermont.


2024-25 Issue (July 31)
Ad reservation: Wednesday, July 10

Rates & Sizes (subject to change)
size width x height price placement
Full Page* 10 x 11.25* $2499 back page
$1999 glossy
$1799 standard
$1799 standard
*Important: All full-page ads are full-bleed. Add .25” to all sides for the
full bleed size of 10.5” x 11.75”. We recommend including .5” internal margin
or more on the trim to act as a safe area for important text.
1/2 Vertical 4.75″ x 11.25″ $1249
1/2 Horizontal 9.625″ x 5.56″ $1249
1/4 Tile 4.75″ x 5.56″ $599
1/6 Horizontal 4.75″ x 3.67″ $399
More info
  • Only (6) full page glossy ads are available.
  • Pricing includes full color on all ads.

7 Nights

7 Nights, Vermont’s most comprehensive dining guide, is distributed at tourist destinations and local hot spots, including restaurants, hotels and rest stops, throughout the year. This glossy magazine is a must-have for foodies and a great way to promote your business all year long.

Whet readers’ appetites with an ad in 7 Nights.


Next issue TBA.

2019 Rates & Sizes
size width x height price Free Restaurant Week?
Full* 8″ x 10.5″ $1800 Yes!
Important: Add a .125″ bleed to the full-page size and allow a .25″ internal safe area.
1/2 Vertical 3.625″ x 10″ $1250 Yes!
1/2 Horizontal 7.5″ x 4.875″ $1250 Yes!
1/4 Tile  3.625″ x 4.875″ $775 No 🙁
Restaurant Week Only  — $850  —
Enhanced Online Listing  — $199  —

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