Seven Days Media Kit | Video Services
Seven Days Media Kit | Video Services
Advertise your business or event with Vermont's leading newspaper and website covering news, politics, food, arts, music and culture.
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Video Services

Does your business have a story to tell? Explain it in a shareable web video produced by the award-winning team at Seven Days.

Video Portfolio Examples

Hen of the Wood

Hotel Vermont

City Market

Lyric Theatre: “Les Misérables”

Don’t rely on a static web page to promote your business. Consumers want image-rich video content that tells a unique story.

Seven Days Video Services can help you stay ahead of the curve and communicate with your customers through shareable web videos.

Multimedia Producer Eva Sollberger

Web Video Packages

  • Standard Package

    • Preproduction consultation
    • A videographer to film for two to four hours with an HD camera
    • Up to 16 hours of editing
    • Delivery of a two- to three-minute web-ready video
    • $1,999*

  • High Production Package

    • Preproduction consultation
    • A videographer to film four to six hours with an HD camera and a DSLR camera
    • Up to 30 hours of editing
    • Delivery of a four- to five-minute web-ready video
    • A cinematographer to light the scene and shoot second camera
    • $3,500*

  • Packages Also Include

    • 50,000 banner impressions on to drive traffic to your video
    • Video featured on the Seven Days home page for a week and perpetually archived in our promo videos section (and on Google!)
    • Embed your video on your own website, blog or Facebook page. Your video can spread virally, extending its value and the reach of your brand.

* Price is an estimate. All projects are quoted individually.

Interested in Web Video for your business?

Call us today at 802-864-5684 or…

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